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HAVEN is able to fulfill its mission through generous support from our community and academic partners.  We are unique among student-run free clinics because of our partnership with Yale Medicine, which allows us to provide comprehensive care firmly grounded in the context of the community that we serve. 


Our partnership with Yale University and all of the health professional schools has allowed the clinic to grow and thrive as both a high quality primary care clinic and an educational site for students.  Our partnerships with Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale Medical Group have allowed us to provide greatly needed specialty care and diagnostic testing to our patients. 


Every year we continue to develop new partnerships with community organizations that further improve the level of care we are able to provide.

Our Partners:

A core group of faculty serves on the HAVEN steering committee and meets quarterly to oversee the clinic. We are so thankful for their generous support and guidance.


HAVEN Steering Committee

Richard Belitsky

Nancy Angoff


Michelle Silva

Peter Ellis

Mayur M. Desai

Katherine Kraschel

Michael Fitzsousa

Ami Marshall

Rita Rienzo

Rachel Perry

Kaitlin N. Erickson

Herbert Castillo Valladares

Jessica Illuzi

James Bhandary-Alexander

Pavithra Vijayakumar

Sascha Murillo

MD, YSM Deputy Dean for Education

MD, MPH, MEd, YSM Associate Dean for Student Affairs

PsyD, Director, Connecticut Latino Behavioral Health System

MD, MPH, Yale Medicine Associate Director for Internal Medicine

PhD, MPH, YSPH Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

YLS Executive Director of the Solomon Center

Director of Development for Alumni

EdD, APRN, ANP, Specialty Director for AGPCNP Program

MMSc, PA-C, Assistant Professor in the PA Program

PhD< Assistant Professor in the PA Program

APRN, MPH, Emeritus HAVEN Executive Director

MD, PGY2, Emeritus HAVEN Jones Fellow

Incoming YSM Deputy Dean for Education

YSM Solomon Center's Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) legal director

YSM MS4, Emeritus HAVEN Jones Fellow

MD, PGY1, Emeritus HAVEN Jones Fellow

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