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Our Services

To book an appointment: Please call (203) 314-9305 and leave a message with your name and phone number. Someone will return your call within 24 hours. There are both English and Spanish speakers available to help you make an appointment.


Behavioral Health

The department seeks to raise awareness about, de-stigmatize, and help patients manage common behavioral health issues, and to connect patients to relevant community-based resources. We also conduct  screenings for depression and substance use disorders.


Our Education Department provides one-on-one counseling regarding behavioral changes, illness, and general wellness. The department provides counseling and resources about diet and exercise, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight management, and smoking cessation.

Interpreting & Diversity

Interpreters at HAVEN greet patients when they are called in for their medical appointment and stay with them until the end of the visit.

We always have Spanish-speaking interpreters available, and we can provide interpreters for many other languages as the need arises.


HAVEN provides a fully functioning on-site laboratory that does blood draws, urine testing, and vaccinations. Patients are often referred to the laboratory by their clinical team for diagnostic and screening tests. Patients will be notified of any abnormal test results.

Latent TB

HAVEN offers patients treatment for latent tuberculosis (TB) infection through our Latent Tuberculosis Initiative (LTBI). Patients enrolled in LTBI are paired with a TB Advocate, who provides emotional support, education, and monthly clinical monitoring during treatment.

Medical Debt and Insurance Counseling

MDIC can help you in securing free or low-cost care. We provide application assistance for Medicare, Medicaid, and YNHH Financial Assistance programs. If you receive any bills from services provided at or referred to by HAVEN Free Clinic, please contact MDIC at or by calling the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Medical-Legal Partnership

Law student volunteers offer legal referral services to patients at HAVEN in partnership with New Haven Legal Assistance Association. We screen all new patients at HAVEN for legal issues as well as meet with patients in pre-scheduled appointments to address any legal issue they would like to discuss further.

Patient Care

Our clinical teams provide a wide range of primary care services for our patients, including: annual physical examinations, screening for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, HIV, and tuberculosis, routine pelvic examinations, urgent primary care and management of chronic conditions.


The on-site pharmacy dispenses prescription medications at no cost. The department also provides information on medications, alternate low cost options, and assistance with applications for Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs.


HAVEN provides referrals to specialty services and diagnostic testing, including: women's health services, diagnostic testing, medical & surgical specialty appointments, podiatry and ophthalmology.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

We offer birth control, sexually transmitted infection, and pregnancy options counseling and resources to both women and men. Patients can have stand-alone appointments with the Women's Health Department or they can be referred by the clinical teams.

Social Services

We treat patients as a whole, helping with a variety of issues including medical debt, medical insurance, food insecurity, housing insecurity, unemployment, financial arrangements for specialty care appointments, other social services, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, clothing resources, and more.

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