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Dear Supporters of HAVEN Free Clinic,

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge to our clinic and our patients. In response, our clinic has worked hard to promote our patients' health and safety, moving to remote visits while maintaining access to the range of services we have always strived to provide.

Beyond the challenges of ensuring access to quality health care, we as a clinic have been confronted with the stark economic realities that many of our patients face. The faltering response of our government has been inadequate and has unjustly left many behind, and nowhere is that more apparent than among the communities we serve.

As such, our clinic is working with Junta for Progressive Action and the Semilla Collective to better support our patients. Junta for Progressive Action has a new program to assist families with rent and utilities payments as well as diaper delivery, and the Semilla Collective is providing cash aid and food delivery. These organizations are strengthening our community through giving directly, building a more inclusive network of mutual support and bringing neighbors together despite our physical distance.

In addition to raising critical funds for these initiatives, our volunteers will provide the manpower needed to expand capacity to reach more families. We are also partnering with Junta to develop bilingual public health communication materials tailored to their participants.

We are asking supporters of our clinic to stand in solidarity with us and the communities we serve by donating directly to Junta for Progressive Action and the Semilla Collective’s New Haven Area Mutual Aid Fund. We have heard from many of you asking for ways to contribute to our work, and we hope you will help us look beyond the clinic walls and direct your contributions to these funds. We as a community have the collective resources to weather this crisis together.


You can find out more about these programs and where to donate below. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact

We appreciate your support!

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