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In the spring of 2004, a group of Yale health profession students assembled under the shared desire to focus their enthusiasm on serving the community while utilizing their health care skills and knowledge. The resolution of that initial assembly was to evaluate the need in New Haven for a student-run free clinic. 


The group made two important determinations:

  1. No stationary free clinic existed at the time. The only consistent source of free medical care in New Haven was the mobile Yale Community Health Care Van.

  2. A growing population of New Haven residents lack access to medical care. Although the total number of uninsured people is elusive, current health care and census statistics reveal that New Haven possesses an excess of risk factors correlating to uninsured status.


The students began to develop a plan for establishing a sustainable student-run free clinic in New Haven.  They approached several existing local clinics for help in this endeavor, and were very excited to establish a partnership with Fair Haven Community Health Center (FHCHC).

The HAVEN Free Clinic opened its doors on November 12, 2005 with generous support from the Yale health professional schools.  Since that date, we have conducted more than 4400 patient visits and greatly expanded our services, all energized by remarkable volunteers.  Now we are proud to be largely independently funded by the Gilead Foundation and the John B. Goetsch Endowment for Medical Education and Service.

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