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​The Senior Clinical Team Members (SCTMs) are primarily responsible for providing each patient’s medical care.  

SCTMs are upperclass medical, PA or APRN students, who have completed at least 3 months of clinical rotation. SCTMs oversee and lead the patient clinical care. For each patient, the SCTM takes a complete history and conducts a physical exam, develops a treatment plan with an attending, and writes a note in the chart. Each SCTM sees 2-3 patients during the clinic day.  Whenever possible, SCTMs see patients longitudinally, developing lasting provider-patient relationships.  Another important component of the SCTM’s role is teaching and mentoring junior clinical students, introducing them to common complaints seen in a primary care setting.

SCTMs who have completed their OB/GYN rotation and are interested in women’s health are encouraged to participate in Women’s Health visits, providing gynecological care.

Yale medical students who are interested in completing their Primary Care Clerkship may do so at HAVEN. Please contact John Genest or Dr. Peter Ellis to learn more.

Who is Eligible?

  • Medical students who have completed Medicine I, Medicine II, and Ambulatory Medicine

  • Nursing students who have completed their Primary Care rotation

  • PA students who have completed three rotations, including Primary Care or Medicine


  • Available to volunteer at least 4 Saturdays per semester.  

  • Primary Care Clerkship students are required to complete 15 shifts over the course of 1 year.  

Senior Clinical Team Members (SCTMs)

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