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“We’re important. I mean, they give us our place.  They take us into consideration… They….ask how we’re doing.  Even the doctors, they make us feel good, they make us feel like we’re important to them.”


The appointment I had, I had great service, when I came in and then with the doctors. I had a doctor who spoke Spanish. They all treated me very well and told me not to worry.”


“The number of times I have witnessed patients receive substandard care on the wards due to linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers is innumerable. However, my experience with HAVEN, the enthusiasm with which the Yale student community has worked to make it possible, and the positive feedback from our patients, make me believe that we, the new generation of health care providers, can change the situation.”


"Being able to see the same patients consistently over the course of the last 8 months really made me feel like I was making a difference in their health and their lives."

“Probably the best clinical teaching I had at Yale.”

"I appreciated the strong sense of community in HAVEN Free Clinic. Everyone from the JCTMs to the various programs and attendants were welcoming and accepting. Yet perhaps my most positive experiences were communicating with the patients and connecting them on a deeper level."


“Having [many] preceptors enables [us] to focus on teaching, allowing more time to educate, model and observe.  This individualized attention creates a learning atmosphere, which encourages questions, debate and evidence-based patient care, ultimately benefiting both the student and the patient.”

"The purpose of the clinic - good care and good teaching."

“I have loved teaching these students and being able to help an even wider group of the community.”

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