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HAVEN Free Clinic stands in solidarity with our patients and community

Join us by donating

COVID-19 is a health and economic crisis for our patients. To support them and the communities we serve, please consider donating directly to our partnering organizations (Junta and the Semilla Collective). You can also read more about our work with these organizations here.

If you would like to request food resources, please fill out this form.

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Providing access to comprehensive, quality healthcare - free of cost


The HAVEN Free Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic that partners with Yale University to provide the New Haven community access to comprehensive, high-quality health care free of charge. Our model is unique because we include members across various disciplines in health care, including medicine, nursing, physician’s associate programs, and public health.


We serve as a sustainable free clinic that provides uninsured adults in New Haven with primary care, wellness education, and assistance in securing health care while simultaneously educating health professional students at Yale about patient care and community health.

We provide access to comprehensive, high-quality healthcare, free of cost to the New Haven community.

There are many opportunities to volunteer at the HAVEN Free Clinic. We hope you will join us!

Thanks to generous donors like you, every contribution helps us to better serve our patient population.

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